Rule 157 – Local Inquiry procedure

i)  A GBGB Stipendiary Steward shall conduct each Local Inquiry. The Racing Manager of the GBGB Licensed Racecourse concerned shall make available all material evidence to the Stipendiary Steward conducting the Inquiry and shall be responsible for notifying all the parties concerned of the date of any such Inquiry. The Stipendiary Steward shall invite evidence from any person who has been or in his/her opinion may have been in breach of the Rules of Racing. All parties involved in the Inquiry shall be interviewed separately or together by the Stipendiary Steward who shall be authorised to conduct all investigations concerning the matter under inquiry as he/she may consider appropriate.

ii)  When conducting a Local Inquiry a Stipendiary Steward shall have power subject to sub-Rules (iii) and (iv) of this Rule to make findings of breaches of any of the Rules of Racing other than sub-para (i) of Rule 174 and if satisfied that a person has been in breach thereof he/she shall have power to impose on that person in respect of each breach any one or more of the following penalties, namely a caution, a reprimand and/or a fine not exceeding £1000.

iii)  At the commencement of a Local Inquiry the Stipendiary Steward shall notify the parties concerned whether the matters under inquiry appear to fall within the powers delegated to him/her under this Rule or whether they are to be referred to the GRB or the Director of Regulation and of the right of any of the parties concerned in any event to require at any time prior to the making of a finding pursuant to sub-Rule (ii) of this Rule that the matters under inquiry are referred to the GRB or the Director of Regulation. If at the commencement of or at any time during the Inquiry the matters under inquiry appear not to fall within such powers of the Stipendiary Steward or if they do but any of the parties is not prepared to submit him/herself to the judgment of the Stipendiary Steward or if in the opinion of the Stipendiary Steward there are reasonable grounds for believing that any person has committed a breach of the Rules of Racing which notwithstanding his/her powers ought to be considered by the GRB or the Director of Regulation, he/she shall make a full report on the matter to the GRB or the Director of Regulation, and the Local Inquiry shall proceed further only for the purpose of collecting information for the purpose of such report.

iv)  At a Local Inquiry no person shall in any circumstances whatsoever be represented by Counsel or solicitors or appear otherwise than personally and the provisions of Rule 163 shall not apply to any findings made pursuant to sub- Rule (ii) of this Rule.