Rule 24 – Greyhound – earmarking, qualification for registration

The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall have the power to make arrangements for the earmarking of Greyhound litters. An earmark shall be a tattoo of a unique combination of letters and/or numbers located on the inside of the ear pinnae, which shall be registered in the GBGB Registry Database. They shall also have power to order the earmarking and/or Microchipping of adult racing Greyhounds prior to registration and to appoint staff to carry out such work and to charge fees therefor. The earmarks of litters and adult Greyhounds shall be duly recorded on the appropriate registration forms.

Subject to the Greyhound Regulatory Board’s power to refuse the registration of any Owner or Greyhound, a Greyhound shall be eligible for registration provided that;

i)  it is already registered by name, in the name of the Owner, in at least one of the following:

a)  The British Greyhound Stud Book

b)  The Irish Greyhound Stud Book

c)  Another Greyhound Stud Book of which the GBGB approve.

ii)  the following documents are produced.

a)  Either the British Greyhound Stud Book certificate or Identity Card, or the Irish Identity Card, or in the case of (i)(c) above, a certificate of pedigree, stating the name, Month and year of whelping, sire and dam, sex and colour of the Greyhound, and any marks by which it may be distinguished, endorsed by the official authority of the Stud Book concerned.

b)  A completed registration form showing the detailed markings of the Greyhound, which are compatible with the details on any accompanying document and with Stud Book records, and the details as appropriate of the earmarkings of the litter and adult Greyhound, authorised by the appropriate authority, drawing attention to any discrepancy.

c)  A microchip barcode corresponding with the inserted microchip attached to one of the above.

iii)  it shall not be so eligible if any Owner remains warned off and/or disqualified by the Disciplinary Committee, or has, or has had, custody of the Greyhound when such warning off and/or disqualification was ordered or at any time thereafter.

iv)  every registration of a Greyhound shall also require registration by the Greyhound Regulatory Board of the Owner concerned.

v)  a Part-Owner shall identify all existing and prospective Part-Owners or Lessees or other persons having an interest in the Greyhound.