Rule 162 – GRB Inquiry – Racecourse circumstances, personnel to attend

The GRB or Director of Regulation may hold an Inquiry into any restriction placed on a Licence holder by a Racecourse Executive or other Licence holder and into the circumstances of the dismissal or resignation of a Licence holder where they suspect that such dismissal or resignation may have been due to a refusal to carry out any instructions contrary to these Rules or to circumstances preventing or impeding compliance with these Rules.

At any Inquiry held under any of the GBGB Rules all Officials and Authorised Representatives and/or the occupier, and/or the Directors of the occupier and/or any other person employed by the occupier of the Racecourse concerned whom the GRB or Director of Regulation consider necessary to the Inquiry shall be required to attend and to give evidence before the Disciplinary Committee should the GRB or Director of Regulation so direct.