Rule 76 – Eliminating round draw, & general allocation of/draw for Trap Numbers

i)  Unless specified otherwise in the conditions of an Open Race with the approval of the Greyhound Regulatory Board, the separation of Greyhounds into the individual Races in any eliminating round thereof shall be by draw, subject to guarding under Rule 87.

ii)  The Trap Numbers of runners in an Open Race and the Trap Numbers for those Greyhounds allotted the same Handicap in an Open Handicap Race shall be drawn for, and Wide and Middle classifications shall apply.

iii)  The Trap Numbers in an Intertrack Race shall be allocated in accordance with any conditions of the Race by the Racing Manager(s) concerned. The Trap Numbers in a Match or Private Sweepstakes shall be allotted by the agreed terms of the Race which may provide for a draw or otherwise.

iv)  The Trap Numbers for runners in a Graded Race, including a Handicap Race, shall either be allocated by the Racing Manager in a manner conducive to good racing, or shall be drawn for.