Rule 49 – Trainer’s charge and responsibility

i)  A Greyhound shall be deemed to be in the charge of a licensed Trainer only while under

a)  his/her control, or

b)  the control of a Kennelhand licensed in respect of that Trainer’s Kennels or the Racecourse where the Greyhound is running and under the instructions of the Trainer.

c)  where circumstances make it necessary, and with the prior permission of the Racing Manager, a Trainer may enlist the assistance of another Trainer and/or his/her Kennelhand(s), with runners at that meeting, to kennel and/or parade a Greyhound at Race and Trials Meetings only. The enlisting Trainer shall accept full responsibility for the actions of such person(s) enlisted to assist. The trainer or their representative enlisting help as described above must be in attendance for the race or trial concerned.

ii)  A Greyhound shall have been in the continuous charge of a licensed Trainer for a period of at least 7 Days prior to any Race in which it runs.

iii)  If a Greyhound is taken out of the charge of a licensed Trainer for however short a period, it shall run at least one Trial before it is entered for a Race again, except when it is directly transferred from the charge of one licensed Trainer to that of another.

iv)  A licensed Trainer shall use his/her best endeavours to ensure that the performance of any Greyhound in his/her charge in a Trial or Race shall be to the satisfaction of the Local Stewards and/or the Greyhound Regulatory Board who shall take into consideration the running of all the Greyhounds in such Trial or Race.

v)  Except in the case of an International Entry for an Open Race under Rule 83, a Trainer shall not enter a Greyhound for a Trial or Race unless he/she has been in possession of a Trainer’s Licence continuously for at least the 7 Days preceding the Day of making the entry.