Section 3 OWNERS

Rule 11 – Definition, age and registration of Owners

Definition, age and registration of Owners i)  The term ‘Owner’ shall include any Part-Owner (as defined by Rule 15) and, to the extent provided by Rule 16, any Lessee; and, save as otherwise expressly appears, all references in these Rules to an Owner or ownership shall be construed accordingly. All Owners shall be registered in […]

Rule 12 – True names of Owners, death of Owner

i)  Subject to sub-Rules (ii) to (iv) below, a Greyhound shall be registered by and run in the true name of its Owner who shall also be registered. ii)  If an Owner has two or more names that he/she considers to be true names, and/or is called or known by two or more names, he/she […]

Rule 13 – Persons ineligible as Owners

A Licence holder in respect of an GBGB Licensed Racecourse, except for the Racecourse Executive (Rule 11(iv) applies), shall not be an Owner of a Greyhound which races at that Racecourse.

Rule 14 – Owner’s Authorised Agent

Subject to the approval of the Greyhound Regulatory Board an Owner may appoint and register an Authorised Agent, empowering such agent to act for him/her in all matters connected with the Rules of Racing.

Rule 15 – Part-Ownership, Syndicates

Any persons who have an interest in, responsibility for and/or benefit from the same Greyhound, except in the case of a Lease or a Syndicate, shall be termed Part- Owners of that Greyhound. No registered Greyhound shall have more than four Part-Owners. The respective interests of Part-Owners in any Greyhound shall be shown on the […]

Rule 16 – Lease of Greyhound

An Owner may assign the whole, or part of, his/her interest in a registered Greyhound for a period to a Lessee, provided that the Lease, registered by a document obtained from the GBGB, satisfies the Greyhound Regulatory Board. In this case, the lessor shall retain the Greyhound in his/her name in the appropriate Stud Book(s) […]

Rule 17 – Change of Ownership

Subject to the Greyhound Regulatory Board’s power to refuse registration of any Owner or Greyhound, every Change of Ownership of a registered Greyhound, except as in Rule 20, shall be registered on the application of the proposed transferee. Such application for registration shall be preceded by registration of the change with the appropriate Stud Book(s) […]

Rule 18 – Responsibility of Owner

i)  The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall hold the last registered Owner to be responsible for the welfare of a Greyhound and also for making acceptable arrangements for his/her retired Greyhound as follows :- The Greyhound be placed with a GBGB approved Greyhound Retirement Scheme kennel, or the Greyhound be retained as a pet, or the […]

Rule 19 – Greyhounds of Owner or Trainer subject of Inquiry

i)  In the event of an Owner or Trainer being the subject of a Preliminary Investigation, Local Inquiry or GRB Inquiry, Greyhound(s) owned by such Owner or the particular Greyhound(s) trained by such Trainer being the subject of the investigation or Inquiry shall be ineligible for registration of Change of Ownership or Lease and may […]

Rule 20 – Change of Ownership of retired Greyhound

A Change of Ownership of a registered Greyhound which it is not intended to enter in any Trial or Race again need not require payment of a fee to register the same, provided that Rule 18(ii) is complied with.

Rule 21 – Ownership documents not evidence of title

All registration certificates and other GBGB documents shall be issued solely for the purposes of the GBGB and shall not be documents of title.