Rule 196 – Standardised Form

Standardised Form shall be an industry-established set of specifications for data used in Racing Office Systems and racecards and other documents, and in the Form Database and BGRDb communications, including the permitted range, formatting, and abbreviation, and the interpretation of such data.

The set of Standardised Form reference files shall be maintained by, and available from, the GBGB.

Amendments to Standardised Form specifications shall be made only by the GBGB, of their own volition or if approving suggestions received. Proposed amendments shall normally be made available for comment by Racing Managers and by Racing Office System suppliers and the Form Database contractor before being implemented. Approved amendments to Standardised Form shall be published in the Calendar.

Racing Office Systems and the Form Database shall be constructed and amended when necessary, so as to maximise their contribution to compliance with Standardised Form within the BGRDb.

Deliberate or negligent non-compliance with Standardised Form shall be a breach of these Rules.