Rule 154 – Inquiry procedure, legal advice, presentation of evidence

i)  In holding any Inquiry the GBGB Area Stipendiary Stewards and/or the Disciplinary Committee shall, save where a procedure is expressly laid down by Rule 157 or any other of these Rules, adopt such procedure as they consider fair and appropriate. No Inquiry held or decision or order made shall be invalidated by reason of any immaterial non-compliance with the procedure laid down by these Rules.

ii)  The GBGB Area Stipendiary Stewards and the Disciplinary Committee may, before, during or after any Local Inquiry or GRB Inquiry, seek legal advice on any question of law, construction or practice relating to that Inquiry.

iii)  The Disciplinary Committee may at any GRB Inquiry direct the evidence to be presented by any person, not being a member of the Disciplinary Committee, they may nominate.