Rule 34 – Discrepancies, change of appearance of Greyhound

If any discrepancy is discovered between any documents in respect of the same Greyhound, or between any document or microchip and the Greyhound itself, the person discovering such discrepancy shall immediately report the facts to the Racing Manager of GBGB Licensed Racecourse, who shall immediately notify the authority/authorities issuing such documents.

In the event of any permanent change in appearance of a registered Greyhound, the Racing Manager of a GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall be informed. He/she shall inform the Area Stipendiary Steward who shall cause the Greyhound to be re-identified. The GBGB shall arrange for the stamped registration application form to be endorsed subject to a satisfactory report by the Stipendiary Steward and new Scan Markings issued.