Rule 173 – Examinations, tests, samples – procedure

i)  The Local Stewards or the licensed Veterinary Surgeon or the GBGB Regulatory Veterinary Surgeon or the GBGB Sampling  Steward or the GBGB Stipendiary Steward shall have power at any time to order any examination of and/or test and the taking of samples for test and/or analysis from, any Greyhound which is due to take part in or has taken part in any Trial or Race at, or which is in any Licensed Kennels. Samples shall be taken only when so ordered. The taking of a sample for analysis may or may not result in a Preliminary Investigation.

ii)  The Local Stewards shall have power to order that a Greyhound be kept under surveillance for as long as necessary for such examination and/or test to be made and/or sample to be obtained. The taking of any sample of vomit or urine or blood or other body fluid or substance from any Greyhound shall be in the presence of the Owner and/or Trainer and/or Kennelhand, if present at the Racecourse or Kennels where such sample is to be taken, otherwise in the presence of a Local Steward. All samples shall be kept secure by a person appointed by the Local Stewards. No other samples from the Greyhound concerned may be taken at that time except as authorised nor shall samples be divided for any purpose. Any sample taken in connection with an Inquiry shall be dispatched to such analyst as the Greyhound Regulatory Board may direct.

The result of any test or analysis of any sample taken from a Greyhound shall be made available to the Local Stewards, the Greyhound Regulatory Board, and the Owner, Trainer and Veterinary Surgeon concerned.

A Greyhound shall be Disqualified from a Race or Competition at the stage of the Race or Competition at which a Sample was taken and subsequently found positive. Rule 95 applies.

iii)  The current code of practice as appended to these Rules shall be applied to the sampling procedure when urine samples are to be sent for analysis to the designated laboratory approved by the GBGB.

iv)  In the case of sudden death of a Greyhound at a GBGB Racecourse relevant samples will be taken by a Veterinary Surgeon and submitted to the relevant laboratory and a post mortem examination shall be arranged in accordance with the GBGB policy as issued to all Racecourses.

v)  A refusal to provide a sample for analysis for a greyhound as described above will result in disciplinary action being taken. The greyhound shall be disqualified from a race or Competition at the stage of the Race or Competition at which a Sample was refused to be given. Rule 95 applies.