Rule 138 – Timing, Timekeeper

Timing for all Trials and Races shall be by photo- or ray-timing apparatus. A licensed Timekeeper shall record by hand held stopwatch a time for the apparent first Greyhound in the Order Of Finish and shall draw the attention of the Local Stewards to any unusual discrepancy between this and any time recorded as above; the Local Stewards shall, if they have reason to suspect a fault in any apparatus normally used, return such hand-time for that Trial or Race, shall make an announcement accordingly and instruct that this is also indicated in all records of such Trial or Race. The official Winning Time for a Trial or Race including a Handicap shall be that recorded by the first Greyhound(s) in the Order Of Finish, from the time the Starting Trap(s) front(s) reached 45 degrees from the perpendicular to the time the nose(s) of such Greyhound(s) reached the winning line on completing the course, whatever method of timing is used.