Rule 109 – Racing Paddock and Kennels – definition

i)  The Racing Paddock, containing the Racing Kennels, shall be a securely enclosed area at a GBGB Licensed Racecourse. It shall be adequately lit to allow safe examination and handling of a Greyhound.

ii)  Each racing kennel must;

a)  if installed after 6 April 2010, be at a minimum 136cm long, 87cm wide and 110cm high internally;

b)  be occupied by no more than one Greyhound;

c)  have walls and floors with a cleanable surface;

d)  be cleaned between use;

e)  have a comfortable area for the Greyhound to lay;

f)  allow a Greyhound to be observed when inside;

g)  be constructed so as to minimise any risk of injury to a Greyhound;

h)  have a regular flow of clean air, whether by natural or artificial means, to allow sufficient ventilation for a Greyhound;

i)  have an ambient temperature suitable for Greyhounds just raced;

j)  be disinfected and dried between days on which races, trials or sales trials take place.