Rule 155A – Preliminary Investigation, initial assessment

i)  The purpose of a preliminary investigation is to assess whether there has been a breach of a rule. The role of the Local Stewards is to gather, within 28 days of the incident, all available evidence, which can include written, but is not limited to, statements from witnesses, documentary evidence and CCTV evidence.

ii)  Within this period an assessment of the evidence can take place and the Local Stewards, two of which will constitute a quorum can decide that an inquiry is not required. Once the Local Stewards have decided that an inquiry is not required they will consult with the Area Stipendiary Steward. The Area Stipendiary Steward if he/she agrees with their decision will ratify it and forward the case papers to the Senior Stipendiary Steward. There will be no requirement to publish this decision in the racecard.

iii)  If the area Stipendiary Steward disagrees with the assessment of the Local Stewards a Local Inquiry will be held and that procedure followed.