Rule 115 – Paddock procedure before Trial/Race, Jacket/Muzzle inspection

i)  A Greyhound shall be brought out of the Racing Kennel to take part in a Trial or Race by the Trainer or Kennelhand under the surveillance of the Paddock Steward and identified by a Local Official.

ii)  The Paddock Steward shall allocate the Racing Jackets in accordance with Rule 118. The Greyhound shall be identified and scanned for the presence of an identifiable microchip after the Racing Jacket and muzzle are placed on it. The Trainer shall be entirely responsible for ensuring that the correct Greyhound wears the correct Racing Jacket and muzzle on leaving the Racing Paddock to take part in the Trial or Race.

iii)  The Paddock Steward or other Licensed Official appointed by the Racing Manager shall examine all Racing Jackets and muzzles on the Greyhounds immediately prior to their leaving the Racing Paddock, or while on Parade, in order to ensure that each is correctly fitted and adjusted, and in suitable condition.