Amendments to the Rules of Racing – 1st January 2024

Please note that the following amendments to the GBGB Rules of Racing that have been published in the GBGB Calendar dated 22nd December 2023 and are effective from the 1st January 2024.

  • Rule 48 – to remove the requirement for one of the required mixed trials to be within 22 Days before a greyhound’s first graded at a particular racecourse.
  • Rule 63 – to reduce the minimum race distance from 210 metres to 200 metres.
  • Rule 111 – to update the rule to reflect which personnel shall have access to the racing paddock,  and to include rules relating to the admission of Greyhounds to the racing paddock.
  • Rule 147 – to remove the condition for a Racecourse to apply for dispensation to re-run races that are eliminating rounds.
  • Rule 194 – to ensure the Advanced Programme and final further programme are successfully validated by the Form Database within the allotted timescale.
  • Rule 195 – to increase the time allowed for the reporting of a death or retirement of a greyhound through a Greyhound Detailed Report from the current 24 hours to 48 hours.