Rule 108 – Racecard

The Racecourse Executive shall publish an official Racecard for a Race Meeting and shall as a minimum publish thereon:

i)  The name of the Racecourse and the date of the Meeting.

ii)  That such Meeting is held under GBGB Rules of Racing.

iii)  The names of all Licensed Officials to act at that Meeting.

iv)  If any Graded Race is included at such Meeting, a notice stating whether the Trap Numbers in such Races under Rule 76 have been allocated or drawn for.

v)  A notice showing the name(s) of the person(s) making or witnessing any draw under Rule 80 and the date(s) of such draw(s), in respect of any Race at that Meeting.

vi)  For each Race to be run at that Meeting and any Substitute Race:

a)  The distance and whether flat or Hurdles; a Handicap to be prominently shown as such.

b)  All prizes in respect of that Race.

c)  The title, if any has been advertised.

vii)  For each Greyhound to run in a Race, except a Reserve:

a)  The Trap Number allocated or drawn except where the Greyhounds for a Race are decided during a Meeting from those appearing elsewhere on the same Racecard.

b)  If a Handicap Race, the Handicap allotment prominently displayed.

c)  A letter ‘W’ in the case of a classified Wide Runner and a letter ‘M’ in the case of a classified Middle Runner.

d)  Its name, colour, sex, sire and dam, and Month and year of whelping.

e)  If a bitch, the date on which it last came in season or whelped a litter or was spayed or where season has been suppressed or postponed.

f)  The name(s) of the Owner(s), or where a Greyhound is Leased, the names of the lessor(s) and Lessee(s).

g)  The name of the licensed Trainer

h)  At least two Form Lines in respect of Trials or Races at GBGB Licensed Racecourses and for an Irish Greyhound participating in its first Race at least one additional Form Line shall be included to show the Irish form most relevant to this Race in the opinion of the Racing Manager.

At least the 2 most recent Trials and/or Races shall be shown in the required Form Lines and the most recent Form Line applicable to the Racecourse and distance in question or, failing this, the third most recent Trial or Race. Form Lines should include for each Trial or Race; the date, distance, whether over Hurdles, weight at Kennelling, Winning Time, ‘re-run’ if applicable, ‘hand-timed’ if applicable, Trap Number and/or Handicap allotment, position in the Order Of Finish, the distance the Greyhound won by or finished behind the winner; and the name of any other Racecourse where such Trial or Race took place.

A Form Line shall indicate if it is for a No Race or a No Trial not re-run and such Form Line shall include date, distance, whether over Hurdles, weight at Kennelling, Trap Number and/or Handicap allotment.

viii)  For each Reserve, all items shown under (vii) except that the word, or abbreviation for, Reserve, shall replace the Trap Number under item (a) and Form Lines other than the most recent under item (h) may be omitted according to available space.

Any Form Line required by (vii)(h) and omitted from the Racecard, either in respect of a Reserve called upon to run, or in respect of any Greyhound because it was not available when the Racecard was printed, and any corrections to errors or omissions shall be published on notice boards in each public enclosure and announced publicly before any Race affected thereby.

The Racing Manager shall be responsible to the GBGB for the accuracy of the Racecard and shall ensure that all abbreviations used thereon are defined on the Racecard or by public notices.