Rule 22 – Greyhound – definition

The term Greyhound shall include dog or bitch.

Rule 23 – Greyhound – age calculation, minimum age to run, Puppy definition

The age of a Greyhound shall be reckoned as beginning on the first Day of the Month in which it is whelped. A Greyhound under the age of 15 Months shall not run in any Race or Initial Trial; (e.g. a January whelp not before 1st April the following year). A Greyhound shall also be […]

Rule 24 – Greyhound – earmarking, qualification for registration

The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall have the power to make arrangements for the earmarking of Greyhound litters. An earmark shall be a tattoo of a unique combination of letters and/or numbers located on the inside of the ear pinnae, which shall be registered in the GBGB Registry Database. They shall also have power to order […]

Rule 25 – Greyhound name

The name of a Greyhound shall have the same spelling and separation into words as that in which it is registered in the appropriate Stud Book(s). The GBGB may however authorise its publication using a different case for any letter(s), and with any amended punctuation, as they may decide. In the case of duplication of […]

Rule 26 – Change of Name of Greyhound

An Owner may apply for a Change of Name of a registered Greyhound by submitting to the GBGB the appropriate form duly completed, which form shall include details of existing and/or prospective Part-Owners of the Greyhound, where relevant. Any such application shall include confirmation that the prior permission of the appropriate Stud Book authority has […]

Rule 27 – GBGB requiring Change of Name of Greyhound

The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall have the power to require that a Greyhound’s name be changed for registration or before the Greyhound races again if it is already registered. In this case the GBGB fee for Change of Name may be waived.

Rule 28 – Advertising connotation in Greyhound name

If the name of a Greyhound appears to the Greyhound Regulatory Board to have any advertising connotation, they shall have power either to charge an extra fee for registration or to require the name to be changed.

Rule 29 – Length of Greyhound name

The name of any Greyhound which includes more than 16 letters shall not be acceptable for registration and the name shall be changed. For purposes of this Rule a space between words or a punctuation mark shall count as a letter.

Rule 30 – Publication of Change of Name of Greyhound

After the name of a Greyhound is changed, the name under which it was previously registered with the GBGB and/or in the appropriate Stud Book(s) shall be shown prominently in addition to the new name on the Racecard and the published programme, and deemed to be part of its name until the Greyhound has subsequently […]

Rule 31 – Microchip – location uncertain

In the event that a microchip cannot be located, but registration documentation proves that an identifiable microchip was inserted, then the greyhound can race or trial as planned, but a replacement microchip must be inserted following that race or trial, provided three clear days exist before its next race or trial. The Racing Manager shall […]

Rule 32 – Scan Markings and cards – Definition

The term Scan Markings where used without further qualification shall mean that issued by the Greyhound Regulatory Board. The term Irish Identity Card shall mean that issued by the Irish Coursing Club.

Rule 33 – Greyhound registration and markings

i)  The colour, sex and markings, including earmarks, of a Greyhound shown on the registration application forms shall be a true copy of details obtained by careful examination of the Greyhound by the Racing Manager or a qualified Licensed Official of an GBGB Licensed Racecourse appointed by him/her, and details of such colour, sex and […]

Rule 34 – Discrepancies, change of appearance of Greyhound

If any discrepancy is discovered between any documents in respect of the same Greyhound, or between any document or microchip and the Greyhound itself, the person discovering such discrepancy shall immediately report the facts to the Racing Manager of GBGB Licensed Racecourse, who shall immediately notify the authority/authorities issuing such documents. In the event of […]

Rule 35 – Prohibited alterations to Scan Markings

No alteration, addition or deletion shall be made to the Scan Markings.

Rule 36 – Entries in Identity cards

The Racing Manager shall be responsible to the Greyhound Regulatory Board for arranging that for any Greyhound not registered with the Greyhound Regulatory Board the details of any Race or Trial except Schooling Trials run by that Greyhound at that Racecourse shall be entered: a)  in the Irish Identity Card as shown in the headings […]

Rule 37 – Possession of Scan Markings property of GBGB

Scan Markings shall be the property of the GBGB and no person except a member of the Disciplinary Authority, Racing Manager, Assistant Racing Manager, Local Steward, Paddock Steward, Judge, or person authorised by the GBGB or Racing Manager may be in possession of it.

Rule 38 – Availability of Scan Markings

The Racing Manager of a GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall be responsible for arranging that the Scan Markings of each registered Greyhound to run in a Trial or Race at that Racecourse is available for the prior identification of the Greyhound.

Rule 39 – Identification Official

The Racing Manager of a GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall appoint one or more Officials licensed in respect of that Racecourse to be responsible for the identification of each Greyhound as required by Rule 113 and Rule 115. Such Officials shall have been instructed in identification procedure.

Rule 40 – Identification of registered Greyhound

A registered Greyhound shall be identified by comparison with its Scan Markings and microchip.

Rule 41 – Identification of International Entry

An International Entry for an Open Race shall be registered and shall be identified with the Irish Identity Card or other appropriate document(s) and an identifiable microchip, issued and recorded by a recognised Greyhound Authority.

Rule 42 – (currently unused)

Rule 43 – Named Unregistered Greyhound

A Greyhound not registered with the GBGB but registered by name in a Stud Book shown under Rule 24(i), shall be termed a Named Unregistered Greyhound. A Named Unregistered Greyhound shall be identified as far as possible with documents which shall be produced at Kennelling and which are shown under Rule 24(ii)(a). The person entering […]

Rule 44 – Definition of Trial, Schooling Trial & Handslip

A Trial shall be any test run on a GBGB Licensed Racecourse other than a Race or Schooling Trial. A Schooling Trial on a GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall be a Trial for one or more registered or Named Unregistered Greyhounds, identified according to these Rules, such Trial being held at the discretion of the Racing […]

Rule 45 – Qualification to Trial

A Greyhound shall not run in any Trial; other than a Schooling Trial or a Sales Trial: i)  unless it is registered and microchipped. ii)  if it has been and still is disqualified except for Deliberate Interference, or declared a Confirmed Offender. iii)  if it has been disqualified for Deliberate Interference and not reinstated under […]

Rule 46 – Qualification to Race

A Greyhound shall not run in any Race: i)  unless it has successfully completed a Trial or Race at a GBGB Licensed Racecourse or a Racecourse recognised by the GBGB at which it has competed as an International Entry, such Trial or Race having taken place within a period of twenty-nine Days prior to the […]

Rule 47 – Trials

i)  Excluding any Open Race in which it is to run, or has run, as an International Entry, a Greyhound to run in its first Race at a GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall have run at least two satisfactory Trials on separate Days, save that any Open Race in which it has run as an International […]

Rule 48 – Trials and qualification for Graded Races

A Greyhound to run in its first Graded Race at a particular Racecourse shall run at least two satisfactory Trials at the GBGB Licensed Racecourse where it is to grade on separate Days over the distance it is to initially run each with at least two other greyhounds. Any subsequent Trials or Races over such […]

Rule 49 – Trainer’s charge and responsibility

i)  A Greyhound shall be deemed to be in the charge of a licensed Trainer only while under a)  his/her control, or b)  the control of a Kennelhand licensed in respect of that Trainer’s Kennels or the Racecourse where the Greyhound is running and under the instructions of the Trainer. c)  where circumstances make it […]

Rule 50 – Distance – qualification, Standard Long Distance, RST

i)  A Greyhound to run in a Graded Race over a distance over which it has not run at that Racecourse within 12 weeks of the Race in question, shall first be given a Trial over that distance, except that; a)  any greyhound which has run in at least 4 Trials or Races in the […]

Rule 51 – Trial after Withdrawal or Running Out

Any Withdrawal under Rule 69A(ii)(a) and Rule 113(iii) shall run at least one Trial before it races subsequently. A Greyhound which is disqualified for Running Out under Rule 137 shall have at least one Trial before it races subsequently.

Rule 52 – Weight variation, & weight in No Race/No Trial

A Greyhound whose weight at the time of Kennelling prior to a Race varies by more than 1 kilogram from its weight as shown in the form line for its previous Trial or Race, shall be withdrawn and shall run at least one Trial before it races subsequently. Any Greyhound that participates in a ‘No […]

Rule 53 – Deliberate Interference – Definition, disqualification for, notice to Trainer

The term ‘Deliberate Interference’ shall refer to the intentional interference by a Greyhound with one or more Greyhound(s) during a Trial or Race. The Local Stewards shall disqualify any Greyhound which deliberately interferes, subject to the criteria listed below, and the Owner of the Greyhound shall forfeit rights in that Trial or Race as specified […]

Rule 54 – Clearing Trials, re-instatement, reporting of disqualifications, etc.

Any Greyhound disqualified under Rule 53, or the equivalent Irish Greyhound Board Rule, may subsequently be reinstated provided that it runs at least three satisfactory Clearing Trials at a GBGB licensed racecourse on separate Days or it has been cleared by the Irish Greyhound Board and subsequently raced in Ireland. Rule 45(iii) applies. A Racecourse […]

Rule 55 – Confirmed Offenders

A Greyhound disqualified a second time under Rule 53 shall immediately be reported to the GRB or Director of Regulation who shall declare it a Confirmed Offender, warn off such Greyhound from running on any GBGB Licensed Racecourse and publish such warning off in the GBGB Calendar.

Rule 56 – Bitch – in season, not to run

A bitch may not run in any Trial or Race after coming in season, for a minimum period of 21 Days nor until, in the opinion of the Racecourse Veterinary Surgeon, it is fit to do so subsequently.

Rule 57 – Reporting of season details, spaying, whelping litter

A licensed Trainer having a bitch in his/her charge, or an Owner having a bitch kennelled other than with a licensed Trainer, shall inform the Racing Manager at any GBGB Licensed Racecourse within 7 Days when that bitch comes in season, has a false heat, is spayed, or whelps a litter, or is treated with […]

Rule 58 – Greyhound – euthanasia, urgent operation on, treatment of

If in the opinion of the attending Veterinary Surgeon the euthanasia of, an urgent operation on, or the urgent treatment of a Greyhound in the charge of a licensed Trainer is necessary for the Greyhound’s welfare the Veterinary Surgeon shall be entitled to proceed with such euthanasia or operation or treatment without the permission of […]

Rule 59 – Disease in Kennels or at Racecourse

Any case of a contagious or infectious disease of a Greyhound discovered within the precincts of a GBGB Licensed Racecourse and/or of Licensed Kennels of an attached Trainer shall be immediately reported by the Trainer and Veterinary Surgeon to the Racecourse Executive concerned who shall immediately report it to the GBGB. In the case of […]

Rule 60 – Inoculations

The Racecourse Executive shall arrange that documentary evidence of any previous inoculations in the form of a certificate issued by a Veterinary Surgeon, shall be required of the Owner of a Greyhound entering the Licensed Kennels of attached Trainers. An Unattached Trainer shall make similar arrangements. A licensed Trainer shall be provided on request, by […]

Rule 61 – Report of sickness, injury, etc.

i)  Any case of sickness, lameness or other indisposition of a Greyhound discovered after Kennelling for, or immediately after, a Race or Trial, shall be reported to the Local Stewards without delay. Any other case of indisposition of a Greyhound due to or likely to be due to run shall be reported by the Trainer […]

Rule 62 – Death of a Greyhound

In the event of the death from whatever cause of a registered Greyhound, the Owner or his/her Authorised Agent, or a Veterinary Surgeon, or a licensed Trainer on behalf of the Owner, shall immediately report the death, and the cause thereof, to the Racing Manager of any GBGB Licensed Racecourse and shall be given and […]