Rule 67 – Eligible Reserves

(see also Rule 146)

One or more Reserves may be nominated by the Racing Manager, for any Graded Race, Intertrack Race, or the first or only round of an Open Race. Except under Rule 90, a Reserve for an Open Race shall be subject to Rule 79(ii). No seeded Wide Runner may be placed on the inside of a Middle Runner or Railer and no seeded Middle Runner shall be placed on the inside of a Railer or on the outside of a Wide Runner (except any with different Handicaps).

Reserves may only be included for rounds of an Open Race other than the first as provided for by Rule 90, or, for the final of an Open Race at a Racecourse where the number of runners in any Race is necessarily confined to five, the conditions of such Race may provide that a single one of the remaining Greyhounds qualifies to be included as Reserve, by finishing in a specified place in the previous round.

No Reserves shall be permitted for a Match or Private Sweepstakes, without permission of the Greyhound Regulatory Board and terms for these Races shall make provision for one or more Withdrawals occurring.