Rule 212 – Minimum Requirements for all residential Licensed Kennels and Transportation of Greyhounds

i)  The trainer must read, understand and be compliant with PAS 251 – Specification for greyhound trainers’ residential kennels.

ii)  The following shall be minimum requirements for all residential Licensed Kennels:

a)  Each Greyhound shall be accommodated in secure Kennels with not more than two Greyhounds housed in each unit.

b)  Greyhounds in all public places shall be muzzled correctly and securely and kept on a lead and shall not be exercised in parks or other public recreation grounds.

c)  When Greyhounds are being transported the Trainer will be responsible for the safety and welfare of those Greyhounds. This will include suitable restraint and adequate air management to ensure their well-being at all times, including when the vehicle is stationary. See Appendix II.

d)  Children under the age of 15 years shall not be in charge of a Greyhound.

e)  The keeping of any other live animal, bird, rodent, etc that could be used in any way for training, coursing, etc., or the use thereof, is forbidden absolutely at all Licensed Kennels.

f)  Precautions taken to prevent and control the spread of infectious or contagious diseases shall include the provision of adequate isolation facilities. Isolation Kennels shall be single Kennels of not less than 2.3 metres (7 feet 6 inches) depth by width 1.0 metre (3 feet 3 inches) with a small separate paddock, provided in the ratio of one isolation Kennel to every 12 Greyhounds and shall be entirely separate from the main Kennels.

g)  The GBGB shall be informed of any extensions or construction of new Kennels (including exercise area) and written approval shall be obtained before works commence. All proposals for such works shall be submitted to and approved by the Local Authority, for both Planning Approval and/or Building Regulations Approval as may be necessary.

h)  Any breach of the above requirements may result in the suspension of the Trainer’s Licence. An inspection fee shall then be payable before any new application for a Licence is considered.