Rule 188 – System and database definitions

i)  The Registry System shall be the licensing and registration computer system installed at the offices of, and managed by the GBGB. The Registry System will contain the following information in relation to each Greyhound registered;

a)  the name and address of the owner, or owners where there is joint ownership;

b)  a contact telephone number for each Owner;

c)  the name of the Greyhound;

d)  the microchip number, which shall be a unique number that complies with either ISO standard 11784-1996 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785- 1996 of the International Standards Organisation’s standards for microchips;

e)  the earmark, which shall be a tattoo of a unique combination of letters and/or numbers located on the inside of the ear pinnae;

f)  the sex of the Greyhound;

g)  the year of birth of the Greyhound; and

h)  a reference to any other Greyhounds registered under the Owner’s name on the database.

The GBGB Registry must record or update this information within 5 working days of receipt of the information. (A ‘working day’ is any day other than a Saturday, a Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday or a day which in England is a bank holiday).

ii)  Racing Office Systems shall be the computer systems installed in the Racing Offices of GBGB Licensed Racecourses, each managed by the respective Racing Manager, such management being subject to these Rules.

iii)  The Form Database shall be a computer system which obtains, and shall permanently retain a database of, the record of every Trial and Race run at GBGB Licensed Racecourses from 1st May 2000 onwards, and which has access to records of Trials and Races run at Racecourses in Ireland held by the Irish Greyhound Board, and to information originating from the Greyhound Stud Book and the Irish Coursing Club. The Form Database shall also record other information enabling it to compile at any time a life history of a Greyhound. This information shall include a history of the Owners, Trainers, Breeders, Seeding, vaccination and season details of each Greyhound.

The Form Database shall be managed under contract by a specialist company. A security copy of the Form Database shall be maintained under the contract on a connected system installed at the offices of the GBGB.

iv)  The British Greyhound Racing Database, referred to elsewhere in these Rules as the BGRDb, shall be the overall term for the management and combination of the above three systems using defined operations, responsibilities and procedures. Its operation, where such operation is the responsibility of persons subject to the jurisdiction of the Greyhound Regulatory Board, shall be subject to these Rules.