Rule 93 – Payment of prizes and prize money

i)  The full amount of all prize money and other prizes for a Race, as advertised, or shown on the Racecard in the case of a Race not previously advertised, shall be paid to the Owners, Lessees, Authorised Agents, or other persons entitled to it, only when a 21 Day period has elapsed after the completion of the Race or Competition, but within 28 Days of the end of the Month of the Race, except that, pending the determination of an Objection or Inquiry, the prize in respect of the Greyhound concerned may be withheld.

ii)  Subject to the provision of Rule 94 the payment or award by a Racecourse Executive or by any other donor, of prize money or any other prize in a Race, in accordance with the Result of such Race as known at the time of such payment or award, shall operate as a full, complete and unconditional discharge of such Racecourse Executive or donor in respect of all liability for such prize money or prize and, in the event of any subsequent alteration in the Result of the Race, whether in consequence of an Objection or for any other reason, neither the Racecourse Executive nor such donor shall be under any further liability or obligation in respect of such prize money or prize.