Rule 53 – Deliberate Interference – Definition, disqualification for, notice to Trainer

The term ‘Deliberate Interference’ shall refer to the intentional interference by a Greyhound with one or more Greyhound(s) during a Trial or Race. The Local Stewards shall disqualify any Greyhound which deliberately interferes, subject to the criteria listed below, and the Owner of the Greyhound shall forfeit rights in that Trial or Race as specified in Rule 95. Such decision shall be final for the purpose of such Trial or Race.

i)  The Local Stewards shall announce that the running of a greyhound is under review for deliberate interference.

ii)  The Trainer or their representative shall be given the opportunity to present any mitigation they feel is relevant to the review.

iii)  At least three of the Local Stewards shall agree about the decision to disqualify any greyhound which deliberately interferes.

iv)  The Local Stewards shall inform the trainer or their representative of the result of the review.

The Local Stewards shall make a public announcement of any disqualifications.

The Trainer shall inform any other Racecourse, at which such a Greyhound is already entered in a Race or Trial, of the issue of such notice.