Rule 118 – Racing Jackets

Each Greyhound in a Trial or Race shall wear a Racing Jacket of a pattern approved by the GBGB and the Local Stewards, with the colour of each jacket and numeral to correspond with the Trap Number as follows:

1  Red jacket with white numeral

2  Blue jacket with white numeral

3  White jacket with black numeral

4  Black jacket with white numeral

5  Orange jacket with black numeral

6  White and black stripes with red numeral

7  (Leaf) green jacket with red numeral

8  Yellow (front) and black halved jacket with white numeral positioned on black portion

The Trap Number shall be shown on each side of the Racing Jacket in the above designated colour. A Racing Jacket worn by a Reserve called upon to run shall bear an additional letter ‘R’ prominently on each side.

The jackets used in any Race or Trial may be all of the traditional design or all of a new design, but the types shall not be mixed.

Only vest style jackets, jackets with buttons (on the offside of the jacket) or ribbon fastenings are acceptable. Jackets with Velcro fastening or coloured borders/piping are not permitted.

Logos of a pattern approved by the GBGB may be used on racing jackets.