Rule 142 – Judge, post-Race procedure, No Race declaration

The Judge shall occupy a suitable position in the Local Stewards’ Box or Judge’s Box throughout the Race. Unless the Local Stewards decide otherwise, the Judge shall indicate to them the Order of Finish and when this has been approved by them the Trap Numbers of the Greyhounds occupying the first three places shall be publicly announced and displayed. When Order of Finish has been confirmed the Local Stewards shall announce ‘Order of Finish Official’ (and where available, display a green light) and the Order of Finish shall then be final.

If the Local Stewards decide to declare ‘No Race’, an immediate announcement ‘No Race’ made (and where available, display a red light).

If anything happens in a Race which causes the Local Stewards to give consideration to the declaration of ‘No Race’ they shall defer giving to the Judge their approval of any Order of Finish and shall cause an announcement to be made that a Local Inquiry is to be held.