Rule 167 – Publication of decisions, orders, recommendations, Inquiry findings

The Disciplinary Authority shall have power to publish any decision or order made by them relating to any person, any Greyhound, and any Racecourse, in the GBGB Calendar and/or otherwise as they may think fit. The findings of the Disciplinary Authority so published in respect of an Inquiry shall be displayed publicly and published in their Racecards by the Racecourse Executive at any Racecourse where such Inquiry originated. Racecourse Executives shall also publish in their Racecards the recommendations of the Local Stewards in relation to Preliminary Investigations held under Rule 155B(i) and the results of all Local Inquiries as notified to them by the GBGB. Where local circumstances do not permit such publication, the specific approval of the GBGB shall be obtained for any alternative arrangements.

A summary of any Local Inquiry shall be published in the GBGB Calendar and displayed publicly by the Racecourse Executive concerned as soon as possible after the conclusion of such Inquiry.