Rule 54 – Clearing Trials, re-instatement, reporting of disqualifications, etc.

Any Greyhound disqualified under Rule 53, or the equivalent Irish Greyhound Board Rule, may subsequently be reinstated provided that it runs at least three satisfactory Clearing Trials at a GBGB licensed racecourse on separate Days or it has been cleared by the Irish Greyhound Board and subsequently raced in Ireland. Rule 45(iii) applies.

A Racecourse Executive where a Greyhound is disqualified shall provide reasonable facilities for Clearing Trials but the Owner or his/her Authorised Agent of the disqualified Greyhound shall first obtain the permission of the Owners of the other Greyhounds necessary for such Trials.

A Clearing Trial for a Greyhound shall be with at least three other registered Greyhounds of approximately equal grade with the disqualified Greyhound or handicapped to that end. The Clearing Trials shall be run over a distance of at least 370 metres except where a greyhound’s disqualification was in a race or trial of less than 370 metres.

The Racing Manager shall report to the Greyhound Regulatory Board details of all such disqualifications and any reinstatements. Disqualification or reinstatement of a Named Unregistered Greyhound shall be endorsed by the Racing Manager on the appropriate Stud Book documents shown in Rule 24 (ii) (a).