Rule 7 – Licensed Officials

The following persons shall, before taking up any duties as Licensed Officials, obtain Licences from the Greyhound Regulatory Board, and shall be appointed by the Racecourse Executive:

i)  One Racing Manager.

ii)  Two other Local Stewards, of whom one can be a Judge and the other a Timekeeper.

iii)  One Paddock Steward.

iv)  One Hare Controller

v)  One Starter

vi)  One Veterinary Surgeon being a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons or veterinary practitioner whose name appears on the supplementary veterinary register maintained by the said college.

vii)  One Greyhound Welfare Officer, who shall be a senior member of the Racecourse management and will be a named point of contact for Greyhound welfare on the Racecourse premises.

Any person appointed as a Director of Racing, Kennel Manager or Assistant Racing Manager or any additional Official in any of the above positions shall, before taking up any duties, obtain a Licence from the GBGB.

No person may undertake any duties until he/she has obtained the relevant Licence from the Greyhound Regulatory Board.

Licensed Official shall mean a Licensed Official appointed in accordance with the provisions of this Rule.