Rule 149 – Qualifiers from ‘No Race’

In the event of a ‘No Race’ being declared in an eliminating round of a Race the following procedures apply in order of priority:

i) Subject to Rule 147, including the dispensation from GBGB if required, the Greyhounds shall re-run over the same course and distance from the same starting positions at the next available race meeting i.e. not the same meeting and not a meeting at the final advance stage.

There being only sufficient runners available for a re-run to provide the required number of qualifiers from that Race for the next round, the eliminating Race need not be re-run, and those Greyhounds available and passed fit by the Veterinary Surgeon to take part in a re-run may be treated as qualifying for the next round.

ii) Failing resolution by (i), the Racing Manager will make a public draw to determine the qualifiers for the next round.