Rule 33 – Greyhound registration and markings

i)  The colour, sex and markings, including earmarks, of a Greyhound shown on the registration application forms shall be a true copy of details obtained by careful examination of the Greyhound by the Racing Manager or a qualified Licensed Official of an GBGB Licensed Racecourse appointed by him/her, and details of such colour, sex and markings shall be sufficient for that Greyhound to be distinguished from all others. The person completing the registration application form shall forward the appropriate Stud Book document(s) shown under Rule 24(ii) (a) with the registration application form, current microchip barcode and the current inoculation certificate, to the GBGB. If the GBGB register the Greyhound, they shall stamp the registration application form and the Greyhound shall not be deemed registered until such stamping.

ii)  The details of such registrations shall be registered on the GBGB Registry Database as defined in Rule 188(i) and a copy of the greyhounds Scan Markings will then be made available by the Registrar.