Rule 9 – Licensing – Trainers, Assistant Trainers, Kennelhands and Paraders

i)  Every Trainer and every other person in Licensed Kennels, who shall be termed Kennelhand (this includes Head Kennelhand and Assistant Trainer) shall, before taking up any duties, obtain a Licence from the GBGB which shall only extend to the area set out in the Licence. No Trainer shall cause to be Licensed any person as a Kennelhand who has previously been Licensed as a Kennelhand without referring to the last Trainer to Licence him/her and receiving a reply.

Every Trainer shall advise the GBGB of each and every change in the employment of Kennelhands.

ii)  A Trainer may licence one or more Kennelhands as an Assistant Trainer. An Assistant Trainer shall have had at least three years’ experience as a Head Kennelhand. This category of Licence does not alter the responsibility of Trainers as set out in the Rules of Racing

iii)  A person employed to handle Greyhounds in the charge of a licensed Trainer for Parade duties at Race Meetings shall be termed a Parader and the Racecourse Executive shall, before the Parader takes up any duties, obtain a Parader’s Licence from the GBGB.