Rule 11 – Definition, age and registration of Owners

Definition, age and registration of Owners

i)  The term ‘Owner’ shall include any Part-Owner (as defined by Rule 15) and, to the extent provided by Rule 16, any Lessee; and, save as otherwise expressly appears, all references in these Rules to an Owner or ownership shall be construed accordingly. All Owners shall be registered in accordance with this Rule.

ii)  Subject to the Greyhound Regulatory Board’s power to refuse registration of any Owner, it shall be the obligation of all Owners or Part-Owners to register the true name or names, as described in Rule 12, when registering a Greyhound in accordance with Rule 24.

iii)  The GBGB may provide Owners’ names and addresses to animal rescue centres or other relevant organisations for the purpose of returning lost Greyhounds to their Owners.

iv)  No Owner shall be under 18 years of age.