Rule 152 – Breach of Rules – how committed

A person commits a breach of these Rules if the Disciplinary Authority find: i)  that person to have been wholly or partly responsible for taking any action expressly or impliedly forbidden by these Rules or for failing to take any action which, under these Rules, he/she was expressly or impliedly required to take; and/or ii)  […]

Rule 153 – Attention to be brought to breach of Rules, etc

Any person subject to these Rules under Rule 2 shall bring to the attention of the Local Stewards, the appointed GBGB Area Stipendiary Steward and/or the Disciplinary Authority any breach of these Rules or any conduct prejudicial to the integrity, proper conduct or good reputation of GBGB Greyhound racing of which he/she becomes aware.

Rule 154 – Inquiry procedure, legal advice, presentation of evidence

i)  In holding any Inquiry the GBGB Area Stipendiary Stewards and/or the Disciplinary Committee shall, save where a procedure is expressly laid down by Rule 157 or any other of these Rules, adopt such procedure as they consider fair and appropriate. No Inquiry held or decision or order made shall be invalidated by reason of […]

Rule 155A – Preliminary Investigation, initial assessment

i)  The purpose of a preliminary investigation is to assess whether there has been a breach of a rule. The role of the Local Stewards is to gather, within 28 days of the incident, all available evidence, which can include written, but is not limited to, statements from witnesses, documentary evidence and CCTV evidence. ii)  […]

Rule 155B – Preliminary Investigation, urgent decision

i)  Whenever the Local Stewards are not satisfied with the performance of a Greyhound in a Trial or Race or whenever they shall consider any matter within the Rules fit to be inquired into they shall hold a Preliminary Investigation as soon as practicable. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of such Preliminary […]

Rule 156 – Local Inquiries – reasons for, notification of

A Local Inquiry shall be held in connection with any matters under Rule 155B(i) that do not fall within Rule 155B(ii) or whenever the Local Stewards or GBGB Stipendiary Steward have reason to believe that a breach of these Rules may have been committed or a Complaint or Objection or breach of the Rules of […]

Rule 157 – Local Inquiry procedure

i)  A GBGB Stipendiary Steward shall conduct each Local Inquiry. The Racing Manager of the GBGB Licensed Racecourse concerned shall make available all material evidence to the Stipendiary Steward conducting the Inquiry and shall be responsible for notifying all the parties concerned of the date of any such Inquiry. The Stipendiary Steward shall invite evidence […]

Rule 158 – Local Inquiry report

Within three Days of a Local Inquiry being held the Stipendiary Steward concerned shall send a written report thereof to the GRB Director of Regulation, who shall promulgate in writing any findings made and penalties imposed by the Stipendiary Steward pursuant to Rule 157(ii) or bring to the attention of the GRB any matters which […]

Rule 159 – GRB consideration of Local Inquiry report or Complaint

The GRB Director of Regulation or such other of the regulation department as is nominated by him/her shall consider any report forwarded to them under Rule 158 or Complaint made to them under Rule 168 and may: i)  dismiss any Complaint: or ii)  decide to take no action, in which event any person directly affected […]

Rule 160 – GRB Inquiry – notification, procedure, penalties

i)  If the GRB or Director of Regulation order an Inquiry to be held in accordance with Rule 159(iii), they shall notify any person or persons liable to be the subject of an adverse decision by such Inquiry (hereinafter called ‘the Affected Person’ which expression shall include the plural) of the time, date and place […]

Rule 161 – Inquiry initiated by the GRB or Director of Regulation

i)  The GRB or Director of Regulation may at any time of his/her own motion and without any Complaint being made to the GRB or Director of Regulation or any report being forwarded to them order either a GRB Inquiry or a Local Inquiry to be held into any matter which in his/her opinion merits […]

Rule 162 – GRB Inquiry – Racecourse circumstances, personnel to attend

The GRB or Director of Regulation may hold an Inquiry into any restriction placed on a Licence holder by a Racecourse Executive or other Licence holder and into the circumstances of the dismissal or resignation of a Licence holder where they suspect that such dismissal or resignation may have been due to a refusal to […]

Rule 163 – Appeals against Disciplinary Committee decisions

Any person the subject of a Disciplinary Committee Inquiry who is aggrieved by the decision at a Disciplinary Committee Inquiry shall be entitled to appeal to the Appeal Board subject to and in accordance with the provisions of Appendix III to the Rules of Racing.

Rule 164 – Inquiry costs and expenses, Complaint and Objection deposits

i)  The Disciplinary Committee may order the costs and expenses relating to a Local Inquiry and/or A GRB Inquiry to be paid by any person or persons in such sum or in such proportions as the Disciplinary Committee may direct. ii)  The Disciplinary Committee may order that whole or part of the deposit paid by […]

Rule 165 – Announcement of Preliminary Investigation decision treated as final

A decision of the Local Stewards taken and to be treated as final for the purposes of a particular Trial, Race or Meeting under Rule 155B(ii) shall be announced by them (as final in such respect) as soon as practicable.

Rule 166 – Investigations

Racecourse Executives shall ensure that only persons authorised by the Greyhound Regulatory Board and / or Director of Regulation and/or the police shall make investigations under the Rules of Racing. Enquiries from outside agencies about matters which are the subject of an investigation shall be referred to the GRB.

Rule 167 – Publication of decisions, orders, recommendations, Inquiry findings

The Disciplinary Authority shall have power to publish any decision or order made by them relating to any person, any Greyhound, and any Racecourse, in the GBGB Calendar and/or otherwise as they may think fit. The findings of the Disciplinary Authority so published in respect of an Inquiry shall be displayed publicly and published in […]

Rule 168 – Complaints

Any Complaint against a Licence holder shall be made to the appropriate Local Stewards where applicable or otherwise to the GBGB, the Greyhound Regulatory Board or the Director of Regulation. The complaint may be verbal, written or reported in the public domain and subject to the procedure under Rule 159. Details of how to contact […]

Rule 169 – Local Inquiry into Objections, Objection sustained

An Objection shall be to a Greyhound’s qualification to run in a Race, or to qualify for competition points or a prize in and/or further rounds of such Race. An Objection shall be made to the appropriate Local Stewards, in writing, signed by the Owner of another Greyhound in the same Race or another heat […]

Rule 170 – Objection – permitted time to make

i)  The Local Stewards shall not reach a decision on whether an Objection should be sustained unless qualification for a further round of the same Race or for a subsequent Race is involved, but shall proceed in respect thereof by referring the matter to the Stipendiary Steward in the manner provided by Rule 156. ii)  […]

Rule 171 – (currently unused)

Rule 172 – (currently unused)

Rule 173 – Examinations, tests, samples – procedure

i)  The Local Stewards or the licensed Veterinary Surgeon or the GBGB Regulatory Veterinary Surgeon or the GBGB Sampling  Steward or the GBGB Stipendiary Steward shall have power at any time to order any examination of and/or test and the taking of samples for test and/or analysis from, any Greyhound which is due to take […]

Rule 174 – Persons liable to disciplinary action

The Disciplinary Authority shall have power at any Inquiry to make such order as is contained in Rule 160(vi) if they are satisfied that such person i) a)  has administered or attempted to administer or has allowed or caused to be administered or connived at or procured the administration to a Greyhound of any quantity […]

Rule 175 – Inquiry-connected Greyhound

The Disciplinary Committee shall have power to disqualify any Greyhound which they decide was related to or connected with any matters giving rise to any Inquiry held under Rule 160 (see Rule 160(vii)) and Rule 161, namely to prohibit the running of such a Greyhound in any Trial and/or Race at any GBGB Licensed Racecourse […]

Rule 176 – Disqualification of relative’s or associate’s Greyhounds

The Disciplinary Committee shall have power, if the circumstances appear to them to justify same, to disqualify any Greyhound registered in the name of a relative or associate of a person who is warned off and/or disqualified, and to refuse the registration of any Greyhound in the name of such relative or associate. The power […]

Rule 177 – Effects of disqualification of person

For so long as any Owner, Authorised Agent or Licence Holder is disqualified under Rule 160(vi)(c) or any person is disqualified under Rule 178 or Rule 179. i)  his/her Licence shall automatically be suspended and ii)  he/she may not operate in any licensed capacity or be an Owner or Authorised Agent, and iii)  all Greyhounds […]

Rule 178 – Exclusion of warned off persons

A person warned off by the Disciplinary Committee under Rule 160(vi)(d) or Rule 160(vii) shall be disqualified and the provisions of Rule 177 shall apply and they shall also be excluded by the Racecourse Executive from any GBGB Licensed Racecourse and all places under their control, and by the licensed Trainer from any other premises […]

Rule 179 – Person on Forfeit List disqualified

A person while included on the Forfeit List shall be automatically disqualified and the provisions of Rule 177 shall apply.

Rule 180 – Lists of persons warned off, disqualified and Forfeit Lists

The Racecourse Executive, the Racing Manager and the Authorised Representative shall have in their possession for the information of all Local Stewards and Officials a list of persons warned off and of disqualified persons, and a copy of the Forfeit List.

Rule 181 – Effects of suspension of person and/or Greyhound

i)  While a person’s Licence is temporarily suspended by an order under Rule 160(vii), save with the prior approval of the GRB or Director of Regulation, he/she shall not carry out any duties or engage in any activities in any licensed capacity and no Greyhound of which he/she is the Owner or Trainer shall be […]