Rule 81 – Advertised particulars of Open Races in GBGB Calendar

Particulars of an Open Race shall be advertised by the Racecourse Executive in an issue of the GBGB Calendar so as to allow at least 7 Days between such issue and the date of closing of the Race or the date of making the first entry when the particulars or conditions specify more than one such date.

The particulars shall include:

i)  The name of the Racecourse(s) where the Race is to be run.

ii)  The address and telephone number to which entries should be made.

iii)  The date(s) of the Race.

iv)  The distance(s) over which the Race is to be run.

v)  The number of entries and Reserves required, and the Entry Fee(s), if applicable.

vi)  The title of the Race.

vii)  The method of qualification from any qualifying rounds.

viii)  The prize money and other prizes.

ix)  The time and date of closing of entries, the time and date and venue of any draw under Rule 76.

x)  Reference to whether the Standard Conditions of Entry for Open Races apply in full, or subject to amendments listed (see Rule 82).

xi)  Reference to whether the Standard Conditions for an International Entry for an Open Race apply. (To be included only for a Race for which such entries would be eligible under Rule 83).

xi)  Details of any special restrictions on entries.

xiii)  Any special conditions of entry required or approved by the GBGB. (e.g. published conditions for any Race for veteran Greyhounds shall make it clear that a requirement of acceptance is that a Greyhound has recent Race form).

No alteration shall be made in the particulars or conditions of any Open Race after the last advertisement, except where special reasons in writing are submitted to the Greyhound Regulatory Board and their permission is given.