Rule 90 – Dead-heat for qualifying place

When two or more Greyhounds dead heat for a place in an eliminating round for a Race, which qualifies a lesser number of them for the next round, either:

i)  Subject to there being at least three clear Days after the Race concerned before the first or only Day of the next round, the Greyhounds shall run off in a Trial or Match Race over the same course and distance from the same starting positions.

Only if all runners engaged in the run-off are of the same Seeding classification under Rule 79, shall the trap draw for the next round take place prior to the run-off, in which case blanks shall be included in the draw. Otherwise the trap draw shall be made after the run-off.


ii)  If the Owners of the Greyhounds in the dead heat agree and request it, the Local Stewards shall decide by lot which Greyhound(s) shall go forward.

The loser(s) of the run-off or such lottery shall be allowed to stand as Reserve(s)for the ensuing round, and may be allowed to compete if their classification permits their inclusion.