Rule 69A – Withdrawals – causes of

A Withdrawal shall be decided as such by the Local Stewards either:

i)  where required or authorised elsewhere in these Rules, or

ii)  where made necessary by circumstances, or if

a)  a Veterinary Surgeon’s certificate is produced stating that the Greyhound is unfit to run, giving precise details of the indisposition, the time and place of examination and colour, sex and earmarking of the Greyhound.

b)  in the event of an Owner or Authorised Agent wishing to withdraw a Greyhound from any Race, except a Match or Private Sweepstakes, for any reason other than one which would normally lead to its Withdrawal in any case under these Rules, he/she shall not be allowed to do so unless he/she has:

i)  handed a statement in writing of reason(s) for the Withdrawal to the Racing Manager not later than 8 hours prior to the time of the first Race, and

ii)  given a deposit of £50 to the Racing Manager by such time, and

iii)  obtained the Racing Manager’s consent to such Withdrawal, who shall report the Withdrawal to the Director of Regulation who may make such order as he thinks fit.

c)  Rule 148 applies.