Rule 79 – Classification of Wide and Middle Runners in Graded and Open Races

i)  The Racing Manager may classify a Greyhound in a Graded Race as a Wide or Middle Runner. An Owner may object to the Local Stewards to such classification for the purposes of further Races and they shall decide the matter

ii)  An Owner, Trainer or Authorised Agent, when making an entry for an Open Race, may request that the Greyhound be classified as a Wide or Middle Runner for such Race. Notwithstanding whether or not such request is made, the Racing Manager shall consider all entries for such a Race as to whether, in his/her opinion and on information available to him/her, he/she may classify a Greyhound as a Wide or Middle Runner under Rule 78 for the first or only round of such Race. He/she shall not alter or add to such classifications for any further round of such Race except that in a Race of four or more rounds he/she may revise them for the second round only in which case the revised classifications shall stand for the remaining rounds. Classifications shall thus not be altered for the semi-final or final of any Race.

Any request for, or any classification of, a Greyhound as a Wide or Middle Runner for an Open Race shall apply to that Race only and shall not in itself prejudice any subsequent decision or classification.