Rule 5 – Licensing – Racecourses and Kennels, & Special Licences

i)  The GBGB may grant a licence to a person nominated by the Executive of a Racecourse, who will be known as the Authorised Representative of that Racecourse (subject to paragraph 5(ii)). The sole purpose of granting such a licence is for the conduct of greyhound racing staged through a series of race meetings. Such licence may be granted, upon such terms and conditions as it shall consider to be reasonable having regard to the GBGB’s powers and duties and particularly with a view to maintaining and promoting the welfare of Greyhound(s), the promotion of the sport of Greyhound Racing, the maintenance of confidence in the sport of Greyhound Racing, its integrity and proper regulation. Consideration may be given to the suspension of a licence held by the Authorised Representative in circumstances where there is a serious or immediate risk to integrity of the sport of greyhound racing or welfare of the greyhound. Revocation of the licence of an Authorised Representative may only be undertaken by the Disciplinary Committee of the GBGB.

The criteria to which the GBGB shall have regard when granting a New Racecourse Licence are set out in Appendix VII.

A Racecourse in respect of which a Licence has been granted by the GBGB shall be a “GBGB Licensed Racecourse”.

ii)  Before the issue by the Greyhound Regulatory Board of a Licence to a Racecourse Executive such Racecourse Executive shall nominate to the GBGB the name of an individual being an occupier, senior Director or senior representative (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Authorised Representative’, and a deputy) who, until his/her nomination is terminated, whether by him/her or by the Racecourse Executive or upon his/her ceasing to be an occupier, senior Director or senior representative of the Racecourse Executive, shall be responsible to the GBGB for the Racecourse Executive’s due compliance with its obligations and responsibilities under the Rules of Racing. A Racecourse Executive may from time to time revoke the nomination of its Authorised Representative, or deputy, and nominate another Authorised Representative, or deputy in his/her place.

The Licence of a Racecourse Executive which ceases for any reason to have a properly nominated Authorised Representative shall ipso facto be suspended until a replacement is nominated pursuant to this sub-Rule. All nominations and revocations pursuant to this sub-Rule shall be in writing signed in the case of a Racecourse Executive which is a corporation by a duly authorised officer thereof and in the case of a Racecourse Executive which is not a corporation by an occupier duly authorised in that behalf, and in the case of all nominations by the person nominated.

The Directors of any Racecourse Executive which is an incorporated body and the occupiers of any Racecourse Executive which is other than an incorporated body shall be ultimately responsible to and be within the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Authority if the Authorised Representative of that Racecourse Executive is found to be in breach of any of the Rules of Racing and is able to prove to the satisfaction of the Disciplinary Authority that had it not been for the direct instructions of the occupiers or Directors (as the case may be) of the Racecourse Executive he/she would not have been so.

iii)  Licensed Kennels shall be those areas within which Greyhounds are kennelled and which are subject to Licences issued in respect of a GBGB Licensed Racecourse and/or a Trainer.

iv)  The Racecourse Executive of GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall not provide or permit the transmission of any Race without first obtaining a Transmission Licence for that purpose from the Greyhound Regulatory Board. The issue of such a Licence shall be subject to the conditions set out in Rule 186.

“Transmission” for the purposes of these Rules shall include (but not be limited to)

i)  any form of television broadcast (whether for public or private viewing and whether on a ‘free to air’ or ‘pay per view’ basis)

ii)  any webcasting services made available on the Internet, and/or

iii)  any video images made available on mobile phone networks or which may be viewed/received on any other form of technology.