Rule 48 – Trials and qualification for Graded Races

A Greyhound to run in its first Graded Race at a particular Racecourse shall run at least two satisfactory Trials at the GBGB Licensed Racecourse where it is to grade on separate Days over the distance it is to initially run with at least two other greyhounds.

If the Greyhound has previously raced at that GBGB Licensed Racecourse, any Race it has run at that Racecourse, while in the charge of a licensed Trainer, within 12 weeks of the Race in question, may count in place of one of the Trials required. All Trials may be so replaced, provided that the condition below is complied with. In any case a Trainer having charge of a Greyhound for such first Graded Race shall have had continuous charge of it since at least 7 Days prior to its final Trial or replacement Trial or Race as above, which shall have been run within 22 Days prior to the Race.

If a Greyhound is qualified for a Graded Race at a particular Racecourse, but since qualifying has run in a Graded Race elsewhere, it shall first re-qualify by completing either a Trial or an Open Race there.