Rule 82 – Standard Conditions of Entry for Open Races

The following Standard Conditions of Entry for Open Races shall apply to all Open Races except as amended when the Race is advertised under Rule 81, and reference to them by title as above shall imply reference in full:

i)  Entries shall either be made on an entry form obtainable from the Racecourse Executive completed and signed by the Owner or his/her Authorised Agent or by the licensed Trainer of the Greyhound and forwarded to be in the hands of the Racing Manager before the time of Kennelling for the Race or notified orally to the Racing Manager who shall enter details of all entries received in a register maintained specifically for this purpose. The person making the original entry shall be responsible for promptly informing the Racecourse Executive subsequently up to the time of the Race of any relevant change in circumstances affecting the Greyhound or the registered Owner or licensed Trainer thereof of which he/she becomes aware.

ii)  No alteration or addition to entries shall be made after the published time of closing.

iii)  The Racecourse Executive reserve the right to refuse any entry. The Racing Manager may select entries and may nominate Reserves from excess entries. If less than the requisite number of entries is accepted, the Racing Manager may cancel the Race or alter the method of qualification and/or adjust the prize money according to the number of entries accepted. If more than the requisite number of entries are accepted, the Racing Manager may divide any Race advertised for a maximum of six Greyhounds into two or more divisions of the same Race by draw or by selection at his/her option. If a Greyhound entry is not accepted the Racecourse Executive shall inform the Trainer at the earliest opportunity.

iv)  In the event of a postponement being necessary the Race may be re-opened subject to the approval of the GBGB.

v)  A Greyhound shall be entered at Owner’s risk. No responsibility will be taken for sickness or loss of, or injury to, a Greyhound while on the premises of the Racecourse Executive or subsequently.

vi)  A Trainer or Kennelhand intending to parade a Greyhound shall provide attire deemed suitable by the Racing Manager and conduct him/herself in a suitable manner, otherwise the Greyhound shall be paraded by a Kennelhand or Parader appointed by the Racing Manager.

vii)  Either on the entry form, or separately, the person making the original entry shall inform the Racing Manager of the name of the Racecourse where the Greyhound was last accepted for a Trial or Race and the date, and of details of any Trial or Race the Greyhound is due to run after entry and prior to the Race.