Rule 129 – Greyhounds in Starting Traps

A Greyhound shall be placed in the appropriate Starting Trap or compartment thereof by the Trainer or Kennelhand or Parader or Local Official, under the orders and surveillance of the Starter; or by him/her.

When all the Greyhounds are in the Starting Trap(s), all persons other than the Starter and his/her assistants shall retire from the course to wherever directed and shall give no further care or attention to the Greyhounds prior to the Race unless recalled.

If a Greyhound appears to the Starter to have become unfit or to have damaged its Racing Jacket or muzzle, he/she shall make the appropriate adjustments and, if necessary, recall the appropriate persons. He/she shall have all the Greyhounds removed from the Starting Trap(s) if any delay appears likely.

The Veterinary Surgeon shall be called to examine any Greyhound thought to be unfit.