Rule 169 – Local Inquiry into Objections, Objection sustained

An Objection shall be to a Greyhound’s qualification to run in a Race, or to qualify for competition points or a prize in and/or further rounds of such Race. An Objection shall be made to the appropriate Local Stewards, in writing, signed by the Owner of another Greyhound in the same Race or another heat of the same Race or by his/her Authorised Agent, and accompanied by a deposit of £25, or an Objection may be made by a Licensed Official of the Racecourse concerned.

An Objection once made shall not be withdrawn without the leave of the Local Stewards.

An Objection on the grounds of fraud or wilful or negligent mis-statement may be made at any time, provided that the Local Stewards are satisfied that there has been no unnecessary delay on the part of the objector.

An Objection on any other grounds shall be received within 3 Days of the Race concerned.