Rule 145 – No Trial, No Race – declaration of – permitted circumstances

The Local Stewards may declare ‘No Trial’ or ‘No Race’ in the following circumstances only:

i)  A mechanical or other defect of the hare equipment or Starting Trap(s).

ii)  Any outside interference with the Trial or Race, with the proviso that the Local Stewards can within their discretion declare a Result or Part Result of a Race that is subject to outside interference in circumstances when a leading Greyhound has (or two or more leading Greyhounds have) run on and crossed the winning line.

iii)  If the hare is not kept within a reasonable distance of the leading Greyhound.

iv)  If no Greyhound completes the course within a reasonable time.

v)  When the hare is stopped in the interests of safety before the Trial or Race has been completed.

vi)  Where the Local Stewards consider, as a consequence of any error by a Licence holder, that the Result of a Race may be unfairly affected.