Rule 6 – Licensing requirements – premises, facilities

i)  the Greyhound Regulatory Board shall have power to require that:

a)  all premises the subject of a Licence are situated, constructed, serviced, equipped and maintained to their satisfaction.

b)  all Licence holders are provided with such facilities as will satisfy the Greyhound Regulatory Board that such Licence holders can properly carry out their duties.

c)  all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that Greyhounds kept in Licensed Kennels are maintained in good and healthy condition and are kept secure and that facilities and services necessary to those ends are provided in accordance with the directions of the Greyhound Regulatory Board.

ii)  The Greyhound Regulatory Board may of their own motion take any steps which they deem necessary and proportionate to satisfy themselves that the foregoing requirements are being complied with and in particular may appoint persons to inspect and report to them and may make such order as they deem fit and reasonable and may require that the fees and expenses of such examination and report are borne in whole or in part by the Racecourse Executive and/or Trainer.