Only one Greyhound at any one time shall be in the charge of a Trainer or Kennelhand who is the handler for the purpose of obtaining a sample.

A Licensed Official shall, in the presence of the handler:

i)  identify the Greyhound from its Scan Markings,

ii)  provide disposable gloves that the handler must wear on the bowl carrying hand,

iii)  provide a clean bowl for the handler,

iv)  supervise the obtaining of the sample,

v)  wear disposable gloves on the bowl carrying hand,

vi)  pour the sample from the bowl into the plastic bottle,

vii)  screw the cap on to the bottle, (avoiding gripping the security ring at the base of the cap),

viii)  attach the GBGB bar code label to the body of the bottle,

ix)  place the bottle in the numbered plastic bag, and seal it,

x)  complete the Sample Analysis form,

xi)  Clearly write the plastic bag number on the top copy of the green sample analysis form in the space provided. Ensure the number is readable on all three copies of the green form,

xii)  give the bottom copy of the form to the handler.

Following the above procedure a Licensed Official shall:

xiii)  retain the middle copy of the form,

xiv)  send the top copy of the form to the GBGB,

xv)  place the plastic bag into the individual cardboard box and post by first class mail to the designated laboratory approved by the GBGB.

xvi)  where a greyhound has died in circumstances described in Rule 173(iv) the trainer may ask another licensed trainer or local official to oversee the collection of a sample from the cadaver of the greyhound and sign the sample analysis form on their behalf.