Rule 188 – System and database definitions

i)  The Registry System shall be the licensing and registration computer system installed at the offices of, and managed by the GBGB. The Registry System will contain the following information in relation to each Greyhound registered; a)  the name and address of the owner, or owners where there is joint ownership; b)  a contact telephone […]

Rule 189 – Provision of facilities for, staffing of, and use of, Racing Office Systems

Whether or not hardware, software, support or training is provided by any other parties, it shall ultimately be the responsibility of the Racecourse Executive that adequate facilities are provided, that sufficient competent staff are employed, and that adequate arrangements are made for attendance at any suitable training provided within the industry, for the Racing Manager […]

Rule 190 – Communication methods and facilities

Communication of data in the BGRDb normally being by email, the Racecourse Executive shall maintain adequate arrangements for Internet access for email communications from and to the Racing Office System, and make adequate arrangements for alternative communication in case of email failure.

Rule 191 – Communication deadlines and receipts

Each form of communication defined in these Rules shall meet the deadline defined for it. The Racing Manager shall ensure arrangements for, and shall retain a record of receipt by the addressee of, any email communication from the Racing Office System under these Rules. Such receipts for Race or Trials Meetings programmes or records shall […]

Rule 192 – IDs for Greyhounds

Greyhounds shall be uniquely referenced in BGRDb communications by the use of alphanumeric identity codes, referred to as IDs. An unregistered Greyhound shall be referenced by an ID formed from an ID allocated to it by the appropriate Stud Book. Upon GBGB registration the Greyhound’s ID shall become that allocated by the Registry System, which […]

Rule 193 – IDs for Trainers

Trainers shall be uniquely referenced in BGRDb communications by the use of IDs allocated by the Registry System, which shall promulgate details, including numeric IDs, of all Trainers licensed in the current calendar year, in a file distributed to Racecourses and to the Form Database at least weekly.

Rule 194 – Communications from Racing Office Systems, and Deadlines

The following communications shall be transmitted from Racing Office Systems:- i)  A schedule of race and trials meetings which the racecourse requires to “book” for the following month, giving details of the anticipated start and finish times for all meetings on each day. This shall reach the Registry System and the Form Database at least […]

Rule 195 – Greyhound Detail Reports – procedure, content

The Racing Manager shall arrange that a Greyhound Detail Report is prepared whenever necessary to communicate changes to individual Greyhound data held by the Registry System and/or the Form Database. The detail may originate at the Racecourse, or be reported to it by an Owner, a Trainer, or a Veterinary Surgeon, whereupon it shall become […]

Rule 196 – Standardised Form

Standardised Form shall be an industry-established set of specifications for data used in Racing Office Systems and racecards and other documents, and in the Form Database and BGRDb communications, including the permitted range, formatting, and abbreviation, and the interpretation of such data. The set of Standardised Form reference files shall be maintained by, and available […]

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