Rule 47 – Trials

i)  Excluding any Open Race in which it is to run, or has run, as an International Entry, a Greyhound to run in its first Race at a GBGB Licensed Racecourse shall have run at least two satisfactory Trials on separate Days, save that any Open Race in which it has run as an International Entry within a period of 8 weeks before the Race in question may count in place of one of the Trials required.

ii)  The Trainer having charge of a Greyhound for its first Race as above shall have had continuous charge of it for at least 7 Days prior to its final Trial, which shall have been run within 22 Days prior to the Race.

iii)  A Greyhound shall have two Trials which shall be with at least two other Greyhounds which are registered.

iv)  A greyhound registered after 1st January 2017 must have a negative result for their Point of Registration sample or a waiver form signed by the trainer before its first Race as above.