Rule 5 – Licensing – Racecourses and Kennels, & Special Licences

i)  The GBGB may grant a licence to a person nominated by the Executive of a Racecourse, who will be known as the Authorised Representative of that Racecourse (subject to paragraph 5(ii)). The sole purpose of granting such a licence is for the conduct of greyhound racing staged through a series of race meetings. Such […]

Rule 6 – Licensing requirements – premises, facilities

i)  the Greyhound Regulatory Board shall have power to require that: a)  all premises the subject of a Licence are situated, constructed, serviced, equipped and maintained to their satisfaction. b)  all Licence holders are provided with such facilities as will satisfy the Greyhound Regulatory Board that such Licence holders can properly carry out their duties. […]

Rule 7 – Licensed Officials

The following persons shall, before taking up any duties as Licensed Officials, obtain Licences from the Greyhound Regulatory Board, and shall be appointed by the Racecourse Executive: i)  One Racing Manager. ii)  Two other Local Stewards, of whom one can be a Judge and the other a Timekeeper. iii)  One Paddock Steward. iv)  One Hare […]

Rule 8 – Categories of Licensed Trainers

The following shall be the categories of a Professional Greyhound Trainer licensed by the GBGB. i)  Band A – Kennel capacity from 1 to 10 ii)  Band B – Kennel capacity from 11 to 24 iii)  Band C – Kennel capacity from 25 to 49 iv)  Band D – Kennel capacity of 50+

Rule 9 – Licensing – Trainers, Assistant Trainers, Kennelhands and Paraders

i)  Every Trainer and every other person in Licensed Kennels, who shall be termed Kennelhand (this includes Head Kennelhand and Assistant Trainer) shall, before taking up any duties, obtain a Licence from the GBGB which shall only extend to the area set out in the Licence. No Trainer shall cause to be Licensed any person […]

Rule 10 – Person holding more than one licensed position

If more than one licensed position is to be held by one person, except as provided for in Rule 7(ii) or Rule 104, the prior permission of the GBGB shall be obtained.