Rule 112 – Kennelling time

Kennelling procedure under Rule 113 shall commence no earlier than 1 hour 45 minutes before the first Trial or Race of a Meeting, but each Greyhound shall be kennelled at least 45 minutes before its Trial or Race.

The Racecourse must appoint times for kennelling to start and finish. There may be additional kennelling for any meeting but there must be a break in trials or races to allow the Veterinary Surgeon on duty to conduct their duties as per Rule 113, Rule 116, and Rule 117.

The Trainer of a Greyhound who fails to have such Greyhound in the Racing Kennel by the time appointed shall be reported to the Local Stewards, who may at their discretion disqualify the Greyhound from running at that Meeting and who shall in any case report the circumstances to the GBGB.

A greyhound should not be kennelled for more than five hours. In the event of a greyhound being kennelled for more than five hours the greyhound must be removed from their kennel to be emptied, exercised, and inspected by a Veterinary Surgeon for assessment and then inspected by a Veterinary Surgeon every hour thereafter. A greyhound will only be permitted to remain kennelled if the Veterinary Surgeon is satisfied that it is appropriate for the greyhound to continue to be kennelled and to race or trial.