Rule 212 – Minimum Requirements for all residential Licensed Kennels and Transportation of Greyhounds

i)  The trainer must read, understand and be compliant with PAS 251 – Specification for greyhound trainers’ residential kennels. ii)  The following shall be minimum requirements for all residential Licensed Kennels: a)  Each Greyhound shall be accommodated in secure Kennels with not more than two Greyhounds housed in each unit. b)  Greyhounds in all public […]

Rule 213 – (currently unused)

Rule 214 – Feeding of Greyhounds

It shall be the responsibility of the Trainer to ensure that all feed, supplements, and additives fed to the greyhounds in his/her charge are free from any substance that may affect or influence their performance or prejudice their welfare. It will not be a defence in any Disciplinary proceedings, arising from a positive sample, for […]

Rule 215 – Bread containing Poppy Seed not to be fed to Greyhounds

Bread containing poppy seed shall not be fed to racing Greyhounds and the following precautions shall be taken: i)  All bread shall be carefully checked and sorted prior to adding to feed. ii)  All bread that shows contamination with poppy seed shall be discarded. iii)  All debris in bags and trays shall be discarded. iv)  […]

Rule 216 – Greyhound Treatment Books and Kennel Books

Trainers shall maintain their GBGB Greyhound Treatment Books and GBGB Kennel Books in accordance with the requirements set out in such books.

Rule 217 – Administration of medicaments to Greyhounds

A Greyhound when taking part in a Race or Trial must at that time be free of any substance that could affect its performance or well being, the origin of which could not be traced to normal and ordinary feeding. The only permitted exceptions to this Rule are:- i)  medicinal products which have been authorised […]

Rule 218 – (currently unused)