Rule 102B – Sales Trials

All persons or organisations who conduct Greyhound sales on premises licensed by the GBGB shall first be registered with the GBGB. The fees for registration shall be decided by the Greyhound Regulatory Board who shall have power to refuse the registration of any such person or organisation without assigning a reason. The right of appeal against such a decision exists within current Appeal Procedures.

A Sales Trial shall be a Trial run at a Trials Meeting composed entirely of Sales Trials, each run in connection with a subsequent offer for sale at the Meeting of any Greyhound contesting such a Trial.

Except where explicitly stated otherwise in this or any other Rule, a Greyhound Sales Trials Meeting shall be treated as a normal Trials Meeting under these Rules.

The following provisions shall apply specifically to Sales Trials:

i)  No dispensation from veterinary attendance at Kennelling under Rule 113(vi) shall be granted, nor any such existing dispensation apply, in respect of a Sales Trials Meeting.

ii)  A Sales Trial shall not count as an Initial Trial under the provisions of Rule 47 and Rule 48.

iii)  All Greyhounds to run in a Sales Trial shall have in-date inoculation records in accordance with those specified in Rule 60. In respect of Greyhounds from Ireland, proof of inoculation shall be entered in the Irish Identity Card or the Pet Passport and the inoculation certificate shall also be produced. In the absence thereof, a greyhound shall not be permitted to trial.

iv)  A separate Kennel shall be provided for each Greyhound to run in a Sales Trial. Any Kennels other than Racing Kennels, which shall be in a secure area, may only be used subject to prior agreement with the area Stipendiary Steward but in each case only one Greyhound shall be accommodated in each Kennel. Greyhounds shall not be kept in any other form of accommodation such as cars, vans etc.

v)  Copies of the sales catalogues shall be sent, to arrive at least 7 Days prior to the date of the Sales Trials Meeting, to the GBGB and to the Area Stipendiary Steward. The following notice shall be incorporated in the condition of sales published in the sales catalogue:

“Intending purchasers are advised that the acceptance by the GBGB for registration of any Greyhound offered in this catalogue is subject to the Greyhound being eligible for registration under the Rules of Racing.”

vi)  All agents or persons who supply Greyhounds to the persons or organisations conducting sales at a Sales Trials Meeting shall be registered with the GRB – registered sales organisation, which shall keep a register of such persons, which shall be open to inspection by the Area Stipendiary Steward and all such registered Agents shall be subject to the Rules of Racing.

vii)  Suitable transport for the conveyance of Greyhounds to/from a Sales Trials Meeting shall be to the satisfaction of the persons or organisation conducting the sales and in accordance with any code of practice as may be determined by the Greyhound Regulatory Board.

viii)  All other arrangements for the feeding, watering and exercising of Greyhounds brought to a Sales Trials Meeting shall be to the satisfaction of the Greyhound Regulatory Board.

ix)  The Racecourse Executive in conjunction with the registered sales organisation may arrange to take random urine samples from Greyhounds at a Sales Trials Meeting and these may, by financial arrangement with the GBGB, be analysed by the GBGB – appointed analyst.

x)  In respect of unsold Greyhounds, the persons or organisations responsible for the sales Trials shall make reasonable arrangements for the welfare of such Greyhounds until their eventual sale or transfer.

xi)  Irish transfer forms for Greyhounds sold at a Sales Trials Meeting shall only be accepted by the GBGB for registration purposes if they are appropriately stamped by the sales organisation. The stamp shall show the name of the registered sales person or organisation, the GBGB Licensed Racecourse at which the sale was held, and the date.